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Happy Winner

Vokal oleh Agnes, SH
Lirik oleh Agnes, SH
Musik oleh Yohannes

(Happy always be happy) 6x

Let us make promise... Yes, we can do!
Happily we care environment
Act for a better and peaceful world
Hand in hand solving each problem

Although there are many pollutions
Climate is changing in globally
As long as we look for solution
Environment will be the winner

Love biodiversity,
and make forestation also reduce waste
and let us live in paradise of better world

Thanks God for all we have done
to build the awareness from everybody
Together love and share for the environment

Happy (2x) forever in day by day
Realize the blessing for us all
Happy (2x) forever in day by day
Happy in giving hands for others

Happy (2x) forever in day by day
Many people care for environment
Happy (2x) forever in day by day
Means the winner is environment


Environment Awareness

Vokal oleh Prof. DR. Boedi Warsono and Agnes, SH
Lirik oleh Alice
Musik oleh Salamander Band

Friends, if you really care for the environment
Now, let us take an action to save our future
Waste is everywhere and it makes some disasters
It also makes some diseases
All of us need to solve it now

Friends, let's think globally and we act locally
Do the waste management and make it world wide
All you need is to separate organic waste
from non organic waste and then
let us process it to become many useful things

We can process organic waste to be
a non chemical compost
to grow plant faster with better quality

We can recycle non organic waste
to be unique souvenirs
Be creative and save our earth together



Vokal oleh Rezza N.
Lirik oleh Eunike
Musik oleh Yohannes

Ingat-ingat s'lalu lingkungan kita
Mari kita jaga dan merawatnya
Juga perhatikan air sungainya
Jangan-jangan lagi cemari air

Jangan buang lagi limbah ke sungai
Air adalah sumber kehidupan
juga bahan baku air minum kita
Yuk lestarikan air bersih kita

Mari kita sadar banyak bencana
kar'na pembuangan limbah ke sungai
Bikin banyak banjir juga penyakit
jangan-jangan lagi cemari air

Ayolah bangkit hey! ulurkan tangan...

Ayo berbagi hey! tuk sesamamu
Bukalah hati hey! untuk peduli
Tuk masa depan hey! masa depan banggaan kita


Time For Action (2007 UNEP Theme Song)

Vokal oleh Germany artist
Lirik oleh Deborah Woodson
Musik oleh Martin Ernst

Young people of the world
from every land
Today we come together
sharing strong beliefs and plans

For nature's beauty
Gargen of green
Under azure skies
Where the air is fresh and green

We're sending our message to nation near and far
It doesn't take a genius to see what's in our hearts

Now it's the time for action
It's time for moving on
Now it's the time for affection
A new day has begun

Now it's the time for action
Let's treat mother earth with care
Now it's the time for reflection
with so much good to share

So tell your neighbors
family and friends
that we can save the earth
the power is in our hand

T ime for action
U nited as one
N ature's new horizons are waiting to be found
Z estfully we plant the seeds that make our future bright
A nd every single living thing is barking in the light



Vokal oleh Desi R.
Lirik oleh Vania
Musik oleh Yohannes

Hai semua banggalah kita
akan alam Indonesia
Lestarikan flora dan fauna
dukung pariwisata

Ayo makin peduli s'karang
tertiblah berlalu lintas
Jauhilah akan narkoba
tingkatkan kesehatan

Pedulikan semua
Listrik juga air
Berbagi tuk sesama
Ciptakan lingkungan bersih

Mari kita melangkah dengan pasti dengan satu tujuan
Pedulikan lingkungan untuk nusa dan bangsa kita s'lamanya


Fresh Air

Vokal oleh Vania
Lirik oleh Agnes, SH
Musik oleh Janes

In the greener atmosphere
with many trees all around
We can get clean and fresh air
that bring us a healthy life

Don't forget to plant the trees
to save the earth together
Give us peace and harmony
understand the art of life

Don't be anymore many pollutions
in surrounding us that harm the nature
As we get in with nature,
we discover something in our life

As the young generations
have to give our effort
for saving environment
start from now and ourselves

If we are willing to do
small things for environment
It will bring very great things
to our lives in the future


Peace Environment

Vokal oleh Vania
Lirik oleh Janes
Musik oleh Yong-Q

How happy we can be
if all of the people
care for the environment
Make green all areas
to against pollution
which can give us peacefulness

Let's campaign a clean life
also sound in world wide
always use the right product
A little bit of care for the environment
will express our thanks to earth

Give our love and planting trees
for saving environment
let us do it always together

Campaign it in everywhere
and start it from ourselves
that can bring a good life and more peace


Budaya Hemat

Vokal oleh Nindya Y.
Lirik oleh Eunike
Musik oleh Yohannes

Mulai sekarang mari berhemat
Listrik dan air, dan juga BBM
Ingatlah pula hemat uangmu
Lestarikan budaya hemat

Ayolah nabung ke bank sekarang
tuk peduli akan pendidikan kita
dan juga untuk lingkungan hidup
pastikan masa depan mu bahagia