Educational COunter and REcreational MARKet

AV Peduli began a program of waste management socialization since 2005. As the time goes on, the project continues to grow until the latest innovative program came, an ECO-REMARK that working with Mr. Sutanto.

Here is a brief exposure of ECO-REMARK activities example which are now encouraged.

outing class

Learning outside the classroom (supporting Educational COunter function) of students and university students can be implemented in the village of Mount Segoro. As an example, this is the activities done on 18-19 April 2010. Sidelines in college, held visiting and collecting data on site (lodging, gardens, etc.)

There are 5 groups with 5 themes Simulation in the form:
1. Making 2D or 3D simulation of research sites with the tools GPS (Global Positioining System),
2. Making Destination Management,
3. Management of water resources in terms of consumption and its added value,
4. Sourced energy management of water resources,
5. Management and Market Engineering local products: Strawberry and Stevia

The following image is a portrait Lawu mountain air. The location is marked with the words Segoro stay at an altitude of 1233.5 meters; -7.608555 south latitude and east longitude 111.1413. Place picture below is the field for the departure of sports paragliding located at an altitude of 1371 m in the position of latitude and 111.08389 -7.36139 BT

From the Theme 1, it is expected to obtain geographic data, contour, slope in 2 D and 3 dimensions. These data are expected to become inputs for land and water management in Segoro Mountain Village.

Theme 2, expected to be able to make simulations in the form of such Information System that is able to describe neatly all information and potential Segoro Mountain Village to become the "Destination" of the tourists (REcreational function from our ECO-REMARK program). We hope it can be socialized to all the providers of tourism activities around the location to allocate places for outbound, and other tourism facilities.

Theme 3 and 4. Springs located at an altitude of 1240 m and in latitude and 111.08306 -7.36316 positions East Longitude, is determining the value of water management: to make mineral water for souvenirs in theme 2, to make aquaculture pond to conserve biodiversity (Anguilla sp: Inagi), and to make micro hydro (mini power plant).

For mineral water, now there is a water-brand Gallon named ROW Permata Lawu, which is produced from the springs of Lawu mountain as the pride for local residents there, so they are willing to conserve clean water. For making souvenirs, there is an appliance installation process in Mr Sumadi's house.

As for the cultivation, the current conservation of "Sidat" is already getting buyers from Osaka, Japan. We help fishermen in Pacitan, Cilacap and Sukabumi to export their "Sidat" cultivation to give them higher income. (This is the MARKet function from our program). In order to get value-added, the university students will cultivate biodiversity in ponds of Amanah Farm Karangpandan.

Theme 5. In cooperation with Tawangmangu Center of medicinal plants, we have started to plant Stevia Seeds Reabudiana and Strawbery on that land

We collaborated
with fast-food company to process Stevia which is already dried into Gels. The products are already exported to Singapore and the U.S. (This is the also the MARKet function from our program )

From the brief explanation of the activities above, the ECO-REMARK has been shown its benefits in improving the quality of the environment, tourism, biodiversity, even economics. Other plantations could be process as medicine products, such as Adenium plants to be cancer therapy and aromatherapy of insect repellent - it means this project is so useful in health as well. This multi-benefits project is truly believed to empower forest to return to its original function, even into the center for the sustainability of people's life.