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Spirit! Now, AV Peduli has developed its Ecopreneurship Empowerment that has succeeded reach export market, through its innovation on branding STARTIC, the ethnic TRASHion! Choose your lovely products here; care for the environment, care for others

AV Peduli has lots of activities, focusing on direct empowerment, especially to marginal people and youths in rural areas. Due to the real impacts of its activities, AV Peduli has received national and international appreciations, such as Satyalencana Wirakarya from Indonesian President, being invited as the speaker in International Scientific Meeting in London, and so on; wherein it can expand the networkings and reach wider coverage of impacts.

Eco-fashion with puppies, socializations through recycled-chess game, and other unique programs can be seen through the bar navigation "ACTIVITIES"

Written by Alice

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