UNEP International Environment Conference - Norway, June 16-21, 2008

I was proud as I could pass the election to represent AV Peduli where I join in that got the sponsorship from UNEP to attend TUNZA International Children Conference 2008.
Here my stories.

16th of June
Although the event started on 17 June, but on 16 there was already an evening event of Gathering Party and Barbeque Time in Iron Age Farm - a reconstructed farmstead from the migration period, 350-550 AD. There were some caves which were the place to live for those old people, but up to now those caves were still in good condition even being used to be tourism objects. The chairs inside were coated with the clean original sheep's cotton. Birds also flied all around, that made the situation in Barbeque time became more interesting.

17th of June (Water)
Here we were. The Opening Ceremony! After getting down from the bus that took us to a wide-green-forest, there were so many attractions along the way to get in, like Norge traditional people, bubbles blowing, and the music of Norway traditional song through the long trumpet. Those all made the fresh environmental-friendly nature became so great!

My friend, Vania from AV Peduli was also invited to attend this conference and she would be proud as in the end of this opening ceremony she was called to receive congratulate for her winning as International Young Eco Hero 2008 from Theodore Oben, Head of Children & Youth UNEP.

It was my honor also as in this opening ceremony, as I was appointed to bring our Indonesian flag with the other delegates from other countries. I'm sure, it's all because my awareness on the environment which was also being told in my environmental speech in front of Surabaya Mayor at my school, Cita Hati before I went to Norway.

As this day's theme was water, so I join the workshop: "Water Essential for Life". We were taught through a fun game. So people were divided in 2 groups. The 1st group needed to bring some glasses of full clean water to the opposite place, while the 2nd group needed to annoy the 1st group to make the glass empty and the water dirty before reaching the finish. It means that we need to keep clean and conserve our water for our next generations in the future!

To spend this evening, 300 lucky participants were invited to enjoy beautiful scenery of Lyse Jord in Stavanger from the boat. With Vania, I was also lucky to get in the boat until at 21.30


18th of June (Energy)
I attended the workshop about redesign of recycled clothes! Sounds interesting? For sure! Through my old cloth, I made a new cloth with my eco-design. Cut there, cut here, added some recycled accessories, like shoes-rope, buttons, etc. Waooo! It was excellent! And my cloth was elected to be shown in Eco-Fashion of Closing Ceremony later. Great! Through redesign, we can reduce transportation-energy to go to shops, right? Fabric will also decrease their machine-energy in producing new clothes if many people renew their old clothes!!!

That evening, there was a tree-planting ceremony as many as attending country (105 trees)! AV Peduli was appointed to bring Indonesian flag; of course they were me & Vania. As it rained, we ran with bringing each flag with the other participants to go to the location of the tree. After planting a tree, the flag was placed next to that tree.


19th of June (Biodiversity)
First of all, there was an election of the new Junior Board member for 2008-2010. I represented Indonesia again in giving a voice to also take a part in choosing the new Junior Board member like the other countries.

I followed the fieldtrip to view the beautiful scenery of green Stavanger from the top of mountain. But, the weather was not so good, it rained hard! So we came back to the bus and decided to go to the beach. Fortunately, the rain stopped. We found the clean beach with a great biodiversity. The fieldtrip facilitator said that salmon (which is so expensive in Indonesia) are so common in Stavanger. That's why we often ate salmon here. Wanna try???

There was a seminar about the connection between drugs & environment that was also being shown in the local TV. I was proud that Indonesian delegation from AV Peduli got the chance to be interviewed by Netherland Radio to be broadcasted in Netherland. At first, I was nervous as everything came suddenly. But in fact. It was enough in Indonesian language, as it would be broadcasted in Indonesian language session!


20th of June (Sustainable Production & Consumption)

I went to Stavanger museum on that day! Yes, I joined a fieldtrip about "Archaeology & Environmental Changes in the Past". Here we learned about climate change and the effect to the environment changes now. So we need to have a sustainable production & consumption. Not only take from the environment, but also give it back a benefit for them.

Finally, farewell party came! We wore our own national costume. In that event, the new Junior Board list was announced. The eco-fashion also performed by the old Junior Board and one of them wore my redesign cloth!!!

I got many great environmental educations.
And with AV Peduli, I will socialize it to schools in Indonesia soonest!