UNEP International Environment Conference - Norway, June 16-21, 2008

TUNZA International Children Conference 2008 by UNEP has been running well in Stavanger, Norway on 17 - 20 June 2008, which was attended by 700 children and 300 chaperones represent 105 countries.

I'm so proud of the achievements that I got for my concern in the environment through years, not only as The Indonesian Environment Envoy, but also as The International Young Eco Hero 2008. Therefore, I was invited to attend UNEP - TUNZA International Children Conference 2008 in Norway.

After being congratulated for that achievement, especially from Theodore Oben - Head of Children & Youth UNEP in the Opening Ceremony on 17th June, I spent my time in Norway by helping the activities of this conference. I enjoyed my activities, as at least I can increase my environmental knowledge on international scale.


Fun Fact!
In this conference, there was a different theme-activity for workshops / fieldtrips each day. After those activities, there was an action group (all children were divided into 35 small groups and they discussed the theme of the day, learned each other's countries & the environmental challenges, also shared & applied the activities in that day).

As Norway is near with North Pole, in summer, the wind blows hardly and so does the rain falls that make really cold! But the sunshine always be there and make bright the whole day! There was no dark, so there was no night also actually?!?!

Unique breakfast was always served every 7 o'clock among the other army as we stay in Madly Army Camp! And at the beginning of activities, we went to University of Stavanger (UiS) by bus and had a plenary session of presentation from keynote speakers that had been chosen by UNEP, talking about related theme to be applied in each country.


It was astonishing for us all as the waste management in Norway has been applied very well. Children and chaperones needed to clean up their dashes themselves, it means that the organic waste and non-organic one must be placed in the right boxes that have been served to be processed after all.

From above, I become more sure, that if environmental-friendly actions have been applied as early as possible, it will give the optimal results!

Anyway, to wash the plate, glass, spoon, fork, and other dashes things, people use wash machine which is saving water & low energy consumption as it only works when the wash machine is already full of dashes things.

Well, now we head to my daily activities there.


The first day on 17th June with the theme water
After the opening ceremony event, I got the chance to accompany children participants to the fieldtrip about "Live at the coast and in the sea". In Lundsvagen Nature School, we explored the wonders of the sea biodiversity by going out on a boat! Fishing, netting, catching crabs. Wonderful!

For the evening event, only 300 selected participants got the chance to see the wonder of Lyse Fjord on boat! With Michelle from AV Peduli also, we got the seat on this scenic journey to a few of the famous sites outside of Stavanger!


For the second day on 18th June, it was about energy!
I did my duty to bring the children to a workshop about "Children's Games of the World" by Human Education International. We were learnt to have fun without expensive equipments which are mostly much energy consumption. Played different games from all over the world and got to know each other to build a good friendship!

We planted tree in the evening, and I was proud as AV Peduli was appointed to bring Indonesian flag. Though it rained a lot, but Michelle and I kept planting a tree and after that we placed the flag next to our tree. It's a proved that we represented Indonesia also in tree planting in Stavanger!


The third day on 19th June "Biodiversity theme"
At the beginning of this day, there was a Junior Board member election! Michelle represented Indonesia to give a voice in that election as she is still 14 years old while I'm already 16.

After that plenary session, I bring about 50 children to a workshop in the Iron Age Farm! Like a fieldtrip actually! It was a workshop to know how people in 350-550 AD prepare their meals, clothes, and tools to survive long before electricity was invented. We also gathered around the fireplace and heard the Lady of the Farm telling stories, especially about their environment management there.

It was our honor as AV Peduli was chosen to be interviewed by Netherland Radio! Besides, I was also being interviewed by UNICEF to told my environmental project

That evening, we had a seminar about "Drugs, environment. What's the connection?" in the cinema hall in Madla Camp which was broadcasted on some local televisions.


The last day on 20th June was about "Sustainable Production and Consumption"
I guided 37 children to a workshop about "How waste can be a resource". It was a "green living" workshop to learn about the life cycle in nature, and how waste from one part of the natural system can become a resource for another part of the system. They taught us about how to make compost.

As 20th June was the last day of this conference, we had a Farewell Party in Stavanger Forum. Most of the participants wore national costume. I wore modern "Kebaya", and Michelle wore dress of our hometown-culture "Ning Surabaya". We took a lot of pictures with other participants as our remembrance. In this event, Junior Board member was announced. And Michelle whispered me, that her redesign costume from the workshop was performed in the Eco-Fashion Show! What a great!!!