June 15, 2007

AV Peduli as an environmental community who has won International Environmental Competition, was invited as a guest star at Giga FM Radio to introduce their successful steps. We invite the audience to more care for the environment, especially about waste. Why should be waste? Because waste is really near with our daily needs that can give many negative effects.

For example, if we throw away the rubbish in the river, it can be water pollution that can pollute our drinking water. But if we burn waste, it can causes air pollution. Then if we just litter it until become stacks of waste, it can spread diseases and cause flood. Therefore, let's reduce waste with 3R Principle: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle as our main concept.

Written by Yoko Michael

June 5, 2007

AV Peduli was invited by East Java WALHI (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia / Indonesian Community on the Environment) to be a guest star at Talk Show about Global Warming at Faculty "UNAIR", related to the Celebration of the World Environmental Day. In front of the college students, Agnes Santoso as the Head of AV Peduli also attended to campaign that global warming is so real and we need to do environmental real actions to prevent it "For example, as we feel now, it's hot enough, right? It's all because of global warming, and what we are doing now by not using Air Conditioner is such a real action that can help this earth!"

Written by Reza

June 2, 2007

Finally, the happiness from 3 people of AV Peduli who represented Indonesia to win The Volvo Adventure International Award 2007 at Sweden could be felt by all of the members of AV Peduli. Because when we arrived at Surabaya, our activities were directly shot by the Film Producer of UNEP (PBB).

Written by Dipta Dipz

June 1, 2007

Bring a victory from Sweden back home with one certainty: AV Peduli succeeds in carving "Red-White Flag" of Indonesia at agenda of Volvo Adventure International Award. We are over warming because we could achieve that although we are still 2 years in concerning about environment.

AV Peduli team didn't back home alone... Because we were directly accompanied by Film Producer from UNEP PBB to shoot the Indonesia environment also our project about waste management. That copy film will be spread out all over the world.

This victory news got a positive respond from the Indonesian Minister on the Environment Ir. Rachmat Witoelar who invited us to come to his residence. He also gave a support through his statement at the film of UNEP

Written by Dipta Dipz

May 31, 2007

We directly received a flower-necklace when we arrived at Indonesia. We were facilitated with many things, like having a rest at Hotel Grand Melia (5 stars), have a dinner at Restaurant Marche, etc. All of those made us feel that the time was going on very fast...

There was also a short agenda to attend Indonesian Environmental Week. It was so funny to be only 5 minutes at workshop, then the next 5 minutes we went to main stage to present our victory of International Environmental Competition which was surprising children all over the world.

Written by Dipta Dipz