September 22, 2006

Planting trees is an action that shows an interaction between humans and nature, wherein it can reduce pollution and prevent Global Warming. Thus, we have to do this action more and more especially at schools. So, students can start to always care for environment since they are kids.

That's why, one of AV Peduli's activities is planting trees, like the one that was held with Santa Maria elementary school on the last week of September, to make green areas also socialize the program of International Tree Planting Week from UNEP (PBB).

Written by Ninis

February 17, 2007

AV Peduli felt proud because they could care for saving the earth. We felt more proud and happy because our awareness never be a barrel for our study. We could graduate in 3,5 years. Some of us can directly work, the others take pasca-graduate in Indonesia, and even there are also some of us who are offered a scholarship of S2 in Perth, Australia.

Written by Gede Mangku

August 26, 2006

Because of the awareness of environment, AV Peduli got a chance to be invited again to attend TUNZA International Children Conference 2006 in Malaysia, which was held by United Nation Environment Program (PBB) on 26 - 31 of August 2006, and it was attended by approximately 250 participants from all over the world.

At that time, Vania from AV Peduli got an honor to directly meet The Queen of Malaysia to receive a souvenir from her. Besides, AV Peduli was chosen to participate in Fashion Show from all nations by wearing recycling clothes (made by one of famous university in Malaysia). At Farewell Party, we were also requested to sing an environmental song, wearing our own recycling cloth. So of course, the big applause escorted every performance.

TUNZA International Children Conference is a place wherein all the children who loves environment from all over the world can meet & share information about environment in their own country.

The agenda of this event i.e.: workshop -especially about Ozzy Ozone (ozone defender molecule), planting trees together, drawing at fabric, also environmental exhibition. In that exhibition, AV Peduli got a stand with UNEP and had a chance to display our recycled things, cassettes, stickers, and posters about environment.

Written by Niken

July 26, 2006

AV Peduli won a National Environmental Competition at Jakarta. So that, on the Celebration of National Children Day 2006 at Ciputra Water park, AV Peduli received an award from East Java Governor Imam Utomo because of our achievement on the environment. The governor also gave an award to the other children in East Java who have achievement.

Written by Rosa