June 17 , 2006

In the week of Indonesia Environment Day in Jakarta Convention Cener, AV Peduli's member as one of Indonesian Environmnet Envoy is invited to attend Meet & Greet with Indonesian Environment Envoy which is held by Indonesian Environment Minister Ir. Rachmat Witoelar.

That event is also attended by the other senior of Indonesian Environment Envoys, like Titiek Puspa, Dessy Ratnasari, Andien, etc. There is also a launching environmental book with the title "H2DA"

Written by Gede Mangku

June 15, 2006

Representative of AV Peduli: Vania - Indonesian Environment Envoy from East Java got an honor again to accompany Indonesian Environment Envoy Ir. Rachmat Witoelar to welcome Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla in the one of Grand Opening Week of Indonesia Environment Week event in Jakarta Convention Center

Written by Gede Mangku

June 5 , 2006

AV Peduli was invited again to support the Celebration of World Environment Day through Happy Week of Environmental Lover for Kids which was held in "Kampung ACIL" Cikeas Broadcast Center, an envirnomental place where 500,000 until 1,000,000 children can gather.

The Opening of this event was attended by Indonesian Environment Minister Ir. Rachmat Witoelar and by Indonesian Women Protection Minister Meutia Hatta. In that moment, Vania - The Indonesian Environment Minister who is also one of AV Peduli's active member got an honor to represent students in East Java reading a poem - written by DR. Suparto Wijoyo, SH, M. Hum, the Environmental Expert. After that, Ir. Rachmat Witoelar and Meutia Hatta who were accompanied by the other governmental officers and by AV Peduli together with students who joined that event went to the area to plant trees.

The event which was held on 5 - 12 June 2006 consist of Bazzar, environmental friendly technologies, the show of environmental video, fairy tale, and also the show of cellebrities who love environment

Written by Andreas W.

May 22 , 2006

AV Peduli supported Ecoton environmental NGO in making campaign in Gubernur Surya street about the polluted Surabaya River. The member from these both NGO brough a big banner said "Surabaya River is dead" to begin this campaign. 15 minutes later, they continued their actions by distributing freely stickers, posters, and books about Surabaya River to the drivers.

Written by Rosa