January 18, 2006

On Wednesday, AV Peduli held a different environmental campaign from the previous one. At this time, we campaign to more than 500 orphan students, and all of them respond very well what we have said about how to save environment.

At that event, they were singing environmental songs together, drawing about nature, writing their hopes about a better environment on the leaves from paper to stick it at the Wishing Tree, also showing their expression on the fabric (environmental messages, drawings, poems, etc.).

They were looked very happy because of the entertainment also the environmental knowledge like this, because the togetherness means everything for them. They also gave a special message which is touching heart, "If care for the environment, care for me too... "

Written by Nindya

November 12, 2005

The commitment from AV Peduli to always support government programs was proved through supporting Agenda of Program One Life One Tree at Taman Kompleks YKP (Pandugo II) which was attended by Indonesian Minister on the Environment Ir. Rachmat Witoelar.

After attended Program One Life One Tree, AV Peduli also accompanied Ir. Rachmat Witoelar in the effort of saving animals from extinction, like "orang utan" at Surabaya Zoo.

Written by Hendrik

September 21, 2005

The result of environmental observation at Perth - Australia was made to be VCD, to be socialized to students of schools in Indonesia. So, introduction of environmental friendly actions in the kids' world could be done as soon as possible.

As the launching of that road show, we gave the VCD symbolically to Indonesian Minister on the Environment Ir. Rachmat Witoelar, East Java Governor Imam Utomo, also Surabaya Mayor Bambang D.H.

Written by Reza

September 5, 2005

AV Peduli cooperated again for saving environment. At this time, we supported East Java Police Program called Safety Riding, by going on the street directly to socialize.

Safety Riding Program is a program to make the driver always recheck about the sound "click", which is came from the safety belt of cars), or even from helmet of motorcycle, as a sign that the safety equipment is already used well.

AV Peduli didn't forget to socialize about environment to make the drivers realize to always care for their vehicles. Thus, it doesn't cause any over gas emission.

So that, the safety that the drivers get from Safety Riding Program, also a better air from taking care of vehicles well, could give a healthy life to the drivers.

Written by Reza