July 9 , 2005

Because of awareness to the environment, AV Peduli got a chance to have more knowledge about environment in the Kangaroo's Country, exactly at Perth - West Australia.

Surprise!!! AV Peduli got Official Welcome from Perth Council and Indonesian Embassy at Perth. During 10 days there, Dede Sujana's family - Elders Indonesian People at Perth, and Ms. Ratna Sulastin - Environmental Master accompanied us to have environment observation at approximately 25 places, like: Kings Park, City Farm, World Wild Life, etc.

Perth people could do a 'magic' successfully to change the land which was dry to be a very green land with many kinds of plants. Kings Park, a hill in the city is one of the evidences. By planting traditional plants, those plants don't have any special treatment, because they don't have to do adaptation again. So, Surabaya also can do something like that by planting "sawo kecik" for example.

Beside tree-planting, the air pollution is very rarely. Because, people in Perth take care of their vehicles well, so don't cause any over gas emission. It's all because the awareness of Perth people to the environment. Therefore, we will make many more campaign to increase Indonesian people's awareness.

Written by Hendrik

June 6 , 2005

One day after Celebration of World Environmental Day at Surabaya, AV Peduli flew to Jakarta to attend Celebration of World Environmental Day at President Palace at Cikeas. It's really an honor for us to get a special invitation.

As one of the members from AV Peduli, Vania as The Indonesian Environment Envoy got a chance to accompany Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to go to the forest to plant trees symbolically.

Besides, Indonesian President also appreciated our effort in socializing environment by signing our Environmental CD "Give Earth to Children".

Written by Novi K.

June 5 , 2005

The distribution of Environmental Album Cassettes FREELY to 1000 schools in Indonesia was success. Questionnairies were spread a month after the cassettes distribution.
The result is positive respond: there are so many young people, especially children who more cared for environment, and successfully be Young Environmental Cadre in their areas.

Vania, the singer got an award as Indonesian Environment Envoy and received Museum Record Indonesian Award at "Balai Kota Surabaya" on the Celebration of World Environmental Day 2005 which was given by Mr. Julianto - Head of Information&Communication Department also
Drs. Moechtadi - Head of East Java Tourism Department. Many government officers were seeing that moment with Surabaya people also.

Written by Novi K.