4 November 2008

Environmental socialization needs to always be held so that environmental awareness can be increased as soon as posible. That's what AV Peduli always does. Every visiting schools, AV Peduli always distributes environmental VCD and stickers freely to the students as a media campaign. Besides, AV Peduli also shows video movie about activities which can prevent global warming so that the students can see the real activities which they can do. The members of AV Peduli also hold Exhibition of recycled souvenirs with hope many students can be motivated to be creative recycle waste.

Written by Hendrik

26 October 2008

Beside keep on socializing environment to schools periodically, AV Peduli also used holidays to visit public places and make campaigns there, like in Klub Bunga, Batu - Malang. AV Peduli made games & quizes about environment, especially waste management.

How to reduce stacks of waste?? Of course we need to separate organic waste from non-organic one.. Then we recycle non-organic waste to be sold to overcome poverty and we process organic waste to be natural chemical to grow plants faster with better quality.

Written by Rosa

5 September 2008

AV Peduli doesn't only do environmental conservation, but also do many social activities. For example the program of "Charity Fair" SCTV. AV Peduli socialize environment with Dimas Beck (national actor) in Royal Plaza. In cooperation with Red Cross Indonesia, there was a blood donor program. "By donoring our blood, there are many benefits. Beside helping people who need blood, we can be more healthy too ". Talking about a healthy life, of course we need to take care of the environment...!! So that we can breathe fresh air, free pollution, and we can avoid flood.

Written by Nindya

30 Agustus 2008

To be grateful for AV Peduli's succed in receiving international achievements, as well as to celebrate the independence day of Indonesia, AV Peduli's activists went on street of Raya Darmo in front of Bungkul Park to distribute environmental VCD freely to the drivers. Besides, Sansevieria plants were also distributed freely with hope many people can plant it in their own home to reduce air pollution. Environmental stickers were also distributed to motivate people to more care for the environment. AV Peduli brought a fabric with title "Time For Action To Save the World" which is consist of students' hope for the environmental protection, so that many more people are willing to do environmental actions now.

Written by Nindya