24 August 2008

To build something inside, we need to always pay attention to the environment. It is done for example by Ijen Regency in Malang, wherein approximately 60% of their land are the green area, so there are only 1/3 part of their land which are build to be buildings.

On 24 August, AV Peduli were invited to support their tree planting program with the Malang Mayor. In this moment, AV Peduli also sounded an environmental conservation campaign through environmental songs so that the people who attend this can more care for the environment. It's an honor for AV Peduli being invited in that event as the Environmental Role Model.

Written by Reza

UNEP International Environment Conference - Norway, June 16-21, 2008

TUNZA International Children Conference 2008 by UNEP has been running well in Stavanger, Norway on 17 - 20 June 2008, which was attended by 700 children and 300 chaperones represent 105 countries.

I'm so proud of the achievements that I got for my concern in the environment through years, not only as The Indonesian Environment Envoy, but also as The International Young Eco Hero 2008. Therefore, I was invited to attend UNEP - TUNZA International Children Conference 2008 in Norway.

After being congratulated for that achievement, especially from Theodore Oben - Head of Children & Youth UNEP in the Opening Ceremony on 17th June, I spent my time in Norway by helping the activities of this conference. I enjoyed my activities, as at least I can increase my environmental knowledge on international scale.

Written by Vantos

5 - 8 June 2008

Weeks of Environmental Day in Indonesia was held again in Jakarta Convention Center with theme "Open your Heart, Time to Care". AV Peduli supported in again by distributing environmental stickers and VCD, also making campaign to the audiences who attended that exhibition.

When Mr. Abu Rizal Bakrie (The Indonesian Minister of Prosperity Citizen) and Mr & Mrs. Ir. Rachmad Witoelar (The Indonesian Minister of Environment) visit stands in that exhibition, the first one which was visited was PT Semen Gresik's stand wherein AV Peduli cooperates with. In that oportunity, AV Peduli handed souvenir from PT Semen Gresik and also environmental VCD of AV Peduli to Mr. Abu Rizal Bakrie.

Written by Yoko Michael

5 June 2008

AV Peduli got special invitation to attend the celebration of World Environmental Day which was held in President Palace - Jakarta, with theme from UNEP "CO2, Kick the Habit, toward a low carbon economy".

In this ocasion, Indonesian President gave "Kalpataru" Award for the environmental heroes and also "Adipura" Award for the cities that can manage the environment well. Beside that, it's an honor as Indonesia can get "Global Leadership" in the Plant for The Planet UNEP for Indonesian success in tree planting programs, wherein AV Peduli also support that international program and got "Billion Tree Campaign" Certificate and National Award in success supporting that Green Indonesia National Program.

AV Peduli made this World Environmental Day as the launching of distributing environmental VCD freely to 7.000 schools in Indonesia, by handing VCD to the Mr. & Mrs. of Indonesian President, Mr. & Mrs. of Indonesian Environmental Minister, and Mr. Emil Salim. AV Peduli also distributed the VCD to the people & driver on the street of "Bunderan HI".

In that VCD, there are 10 songs about environment which were sung by 3 generations (children, teenagers, and old people) so that all elements can save this earth hand in hand. The background video of that VCD showed about environmental protection activities by AV Peduli in local, national, and even international events so that it can motivate people to conserve environment.

Beside in President Palace in Cipanas, the celebration of World Environmental Day was held in Hotel Crown. AV Peduli was proud because we can meet the Heads of Indonesian schools which we have been visited to socialize environment wherein they got "Adipura" Award in that event. We shared many things to plan the next periodic socialization.

It was such an unforgettable moment because we can meet many environmental lovers like Mrs. Dewi Mutik who receive the award of Green Indonesia together with us, and also meet Mr. Togar Silaban from Environmental Department in Surabaya.

Written by Yoko Michael

29 May 2008

There are many interesting things which can be made through recycling waste. It was proved through the Eco-Fashion Show wearing recycled clothes in Surabaya Plaza Hotel. There were many creations, such as recycled from gunny sack as the vest, straws as the gown, etc. That's why, let's unite to reduce stacks of waste by recycling as many as we can!

Written by Sorta Lidya