Februari 14, 2008

As the continuity of Reading Corner Launching, AV Peduli represented teenagers who also concern in environment be the speaker of Talk Show in Surabaya Voice (14/2) and Radio Republic Indonesia (16/2).

We, together with the member of City Council, representation of Train Office, and one of the owner of "home library" got many positive responds from people about the launching of this reading corner. They also compete in asking how to put their books in that reading corner, how to be the volunteer who will be involved in, etc.

We hope that there will be many people who participate in this program to move forward together.

Written by Rosa

February 13, 2008

In the upcoming Valentine day, let's share our love through books!
That's the main topic that we talked about in "Wednesday Forum of City Council" Surabaya for this time. Located in Railway Station "Gubeng", there were representation of environmental NGO by AV Peduli and some related institutes gathered, like from PT Jasa Tirta, PT Pelindo, Balai Perpustakaan Jatim, BKKBN, etc.

The Head of Railway Station also attended and share about the Reading Corner that will be launched soon. This reading corner is a "library" in the public places like in the waiting room of railway station, wherein there are many kinds of books like technology, environment, etc. can be read freely to spend their spare time.

So that, there will be many more people who will be more care and get additional knowledge easily and fun.

Written by Rosa

January 21, 2008

Was-Was! Beware of climate change! But, it's not usual "was-was!" At this "Was-Was" infotainment, AV Peduli talked a lot about environment, especially the effort to save & conserve the environment to prevent climate change.

Waste Management, save energy, especially tree planting program to make a green area are the simple ways but can give a big contribution for an improvement of better environment.

Through this infotainment TV Program that is often watched by many people, we hope there will be many more people who care for environment and share their knowledge to the other people!

Written by Niken

UN Climate Change Conference
Bali, 11 -- 13 December 2007

It's an honor for Indonesia to be the host of UN UN Climate CHange Conference 2007. This 13th Conference on Parties was held in Bali from 3 -- 14 December 2007. The ministers from many countries who involved in UN attend this event to discuss about climate change.

The member of AV Peduli arrived in Bali to participate in some events in UN Climate Change Conference 2007. On 11 December, represented by Vania as the Indonesian Environment Envoy, she attended Cool Energy Exhibition and campaign about environment through the environmental song & quis on stage where Glen Fredly also attended.

The day after that (12/12), AV Peduli make socialization to some schools in Bali for Elementary Schools until Junior High Schools also to raise their awareness in saving environment especially for kids' world - as the next generation. There, many students were very antusiasm as they also often hear about the issue that Bali and some of part in Indonesia will be sank in 2050

The awareness in the environment there was high enough, as there are many students who use bicycle at those schools, and the waste management runs well. There are also many school forest.

13 December, Vania who is also the member of AV Peduli shout the environmental message through the song in Concert "Save Our Planet" which is also attended by Indonesian President and other delegates from many countries. Beside Vania, the other Indonesian Environment Envoy and United Voices of Indonesia also participated in that event, such as Titiek Puspa, Wanda Hamidah, AB Three, Nugie, Pongki, Baim, dll.

Written by Yoko Michael